• Titanium 'Needles'

    We use the best possible metal we can for the GrowBeards Roller. Titanium, it is great as a healing compound, which is one of the main reasons it is such a robust choice for the GrowBeards Roller as we use something called the recovery method to increase beard growth, sending more proteins to the face, in an effort to grow more hair.

  • Lightweight Materials

    We use high quality plastic to create a lightweight and sleek feel. It is perfect for men who want an effective beard growth device but easy to use too. You will be able to comfortably and effortlessly roll away to get full and denser facial hair with zero ache leading onto our next amazing key feature.

  • Ergonomic Handle

    Our handle is ergonomically designed so you can roll for as long as needed, find out more on the GrowBeards Roller to see how long your beard growth sessions should be. It fits great in your hand, trust me, I have been using mine non-stop since it has been developed by us. Just remember the most important thing to whist rolling, enjoy it!

What do we do?

We help men of all ages increase facial hair growth, using our GrowBeards Roller



How does it work?

The GrowBeards Roller triggers your body’s healing response. Even though it doesn't hurt, the area may be slightly red after use, but don't worry! This is progress. Research Studies have shown that healing stimulates the production of proteins, hopefully activating follicles. It stimulates blood circulation and increase nutrients to your follicles, resulting in new hair growth.

How long does it take to see results?

This is completely unique to the individual using it. Some individuals have seen results in 1 week, some have seen results further down the road. We can never guarantee you to have jaw dropping results, but using our GrowBeards Roller is proving more effective by the day. 

If it is so good, why is it not famous?

Great question! We talk about this at least once a day in the office amongst ourselves. To put it frankly, we don't know. This is a new method. Researchers are studying this technique more and more, so far, it is doing well! Many revolutionary products take time to grow and this is an extremely new device, soon, this will be huge, many of our customers have told us this.

How fast is delivery?

We aim to have your GrowBeards Roller delivered to you within 5-10 business days. This can vary if we are experiencing a high volume of orders or seasonal periods. We try to keep it to no more than 14-20 business days during these times. We work extremely hard for your satisfaction. We're always just an email away!  

My tracking number doesn't work?

Some tracking numbers take longer to be properly processed. Your tracking number will be correct, do not worry! 

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all of North America, all of Europe, Australia & New Zealand. If your country is not listed, get in touch to see if we can arrange it.