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About Us

How we started


GrowBeards was formed when we saw a large number of young men and older men struggling to grow full and dense beards. We dove into hundreds of hours of research of why and how some men can grow beards and others can not.

This is when we discovered micro-needling, our favourite and we believe the most  effective way to increase new hair growth. Please see the description of our GrowBeards Beard Roller to see the science and technology behind our product.

We developed our unique GrowBeards Beard Roller with 0.5m titanium needles to make it as powerful as possible. Even though it has the term "needles" it does not hurt whilst using. We cannot promise you to grow a full and dense beard, simply put it, we are not miracle workers. But, micro-needling has proven to work and shown promising new permanent hair growth, and more men are seeing results with our product and method.