GrowBeards 540 Beard Roller

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GrowBeards 540 Beard Roller

GrowBeards 540 Beard Roller

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Let Us Reboot Your Facial Hair

Grow facial hair that women screenshot for their group chat and men delusion-ally show their barber, as if they can grow the facial hairs for them.


Works to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth for More Balanced & Even Growing Facial Hair

 Why genetics aren't everything.

This is a break down of how our roller can help you, drastically. Genetics aren't everything when it comes to facial hair growth, there is still a lot of room for improvement for the majority to maximise true beard potential. There are multiple reasons facial hair may be patchy or follicles may not grow at all but we are proud to say we have the most effective tool and technique you can use to hack your facial hair growth.


Advanced cosmetic science studies in beard growth show how this technique works to penetrate facial hair follicles at the root and stimulates beard growth effectively and harmlessly through boosting the essentials the follicle receives from the body for successful growth. Collagen, Proteins & Other Nutrients can be the bridge between unsuccessful follicle growth and successful follicle growth.

The Replenishment Method.

This is done through the GrowBeards Replenishment Method, harmless and painless. The roller penetrates the top layer of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic damages that cannot be felt, temporary redness for 5-15 minutes, this shows you are rolling right and can visibly see how our roller activates follicles through the Replenishment Method. You're on the right track! This forces the body to send a boost of the essentials for follicles to grow as it presumes the face needs them to be replenished.

Q: How do I roll effectively so I see results?

A: Roll gently 10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally, along the empty spots, lift the roller from the face after every roll to ensure you don't tug the skin. Do 1-2 times per week. 

Q: Do I have to roll forever?

A: Not once you start seeing results, even if you shave.

Q: What if I see no results?

A: Not everyone can see massive results, we're all made differently, however, you should see at least see improvements that are noticeable, especially if you're trying to fix empty spots and patchy areas. If you do not see results - get in touch and we can refund you.

Q: I am prone to acne/have an existing skin condition?

A: We would recommend not rolling as it may irritate the skin, however, speak to your GP/MD, before using!

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