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Works to Stimulate Facial Hair Growth for More Balanced & Even Growing Facial Hair. A popular phenomenon amongst women who use micro-needling to improve blood circulation, which has also been seen to improve follicle growth when used on men. If your beard needs work, we can help, hopefully!

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At GrowBeards, we pride ourselves on our honesty, morale and just being transparent with you guys. We aren’t wizards, we’re just a few guys trying to eradicate patchy beards for the guys who want to wear denser and more complete facial hair, whether it be light stubble or a full beard.


We get asked a lot about genetics and some statements get thrown around ‘you can’t change genetics’, ‘your genetics dictate your beard growth’ which are fair points. However, we don’t claim to change genetics. All men have facial hair follicles, there can be a number reasons they don’t produce hair. The most common being their testosterone doesn’t convert into DHT (hormone) enough to have dense facial hair. This may sound bad, but too much DHT causes male pattern baldness so if your beard is a bit patchy, chances are you won’t have any issues losing the hair on your head. Now I’ve mentioned that, you’ll see that more often in men. It’s like an opposite effect. Men with great hairlines don’t have the best beards, men with great beards, don’t have the best hairlines. We try to hack this by activating follicles from the resting face to the active phase. Where follicles start to get strong enough that the lack of DHT is not the determining factor whether they grow facial hair or not.


We have developed a strong relationship with a formulation company that hosts it’s own research & development projects along with creating the formulas meaning that everything is done under one roof, which is quite extraordinary. They are using primary research, not off the back hand off an article or paying a research & development institution meaning they can investigate this issue on their own terms and be as precise as possible. We are fussy, we keep an eye on everything and oversee, listening to what our customers say. There will always be improvement to be made and I hope you come along for the journey.


The GrowBeards way, also known as the recovery method yet that sounds scary and painful. The Replenishment Method involves our classic derma roller creating micro punctures to the skin enough to slightly damage the follicle, hear us out, there’s a method to this. By doing this, you force the body to send more nutrients, collagen, amino acids, proteins, you name it, everything a follicle needs to grow great to that follicle. When using this method with our CT-1 Balanced Beard Serum, the chances of growing even new facial hairs heightens phenomenally.


Expectations are important, you wouldn’t go into the gym and be frustrated that your 30 minute workout didn’t reverse all those takeouts, lazy days and get you a 6-pack. That said, filling in empty spots on your facial hair or trying to get you a balanced beard won’t be as gruelling. But like fitness, consistency is the most important thing we’ve found. This isn’t the formula to grow a beard over night, modern society is addicted to instant gratification, if it didn’t happen there and then, people get bored and move on. The one’s that dedicate those two 3-5 minutes sessions per week for beard rolling are the one’s that see great results and ultimately get their desired beard (within reason). If you cannot grow any facial hair at all, it would be unrealistic to think you’ll grow a completely full and perfect beard, especially in a short period of time. This is all about maximising your beard growth to true potential, which for most, is quite extreme and surprises a lot.

Q: How do I roll effectively so I see results?

A: Roll gently 10 times horizontally, vertically and diagonally, along the empty spots, lift the roller from the face after every roll to ensure you don't tug the skin. Do 1-2 times per week. 

Q: Do I have to roll forever?

A: Not once you start seeing results, even if you shave.

Q: What if I see no results?

A: Not everyone can see massive results, we're all made differently, however, you should see at least see improvements that are noticeable, especially if you're trying to fix empty spots and patchy areas. If you do not see any results in the first 3 months using it consistently 1-2 times per week - get in touch and we can refund you.

Q: I am prone to acne/have an existing skin condition?

A: We would recommend not rolling as it may irritate the skin.

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