GrowBeards 540 'Needle' Beard Roller

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Patchy facial hair, or struggle to grow facial hair at all?

This is designed to change this for you and help you grow more facial hair and turn your facial hair into a compliment magnet.

NEW FACIAL HAIRS- through the stimulating of 'sleeping follicles', working to boost collagen production over areas rolled over. Case studies have shown great success using this technique. 

FASTER FACIAL HAIR GROWTH- this will occur as you are naturally creating collagen production in the face at a greater rate.

THICKER FACIAL HAIR GROWTH- as you start to see results, inevitably facial hair will become thicker.

EFFORTLESS- it is easy to use, our rolling is lightweight and boasts an ergonomic handle for simple and smooth rolling.

HIGH DEMAND- Our sale is coming to end due to the realisation of how in-demand our roller is. Check the sale timer above for exact sale end time.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- If something is wrong with your order, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team to get a refund.



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